Cyber Whale hits IT Park in Republic of Moldova

Proud to announce that Cyber Whale LLC has been incorporated in Republic of Moldova and entered the IT Park.

The benefits of being present in the IT Park are the following:

  • The unified tax rate which is just 7% of the sales (VAT not included).
  • A straightforward procedure to become a member of the park.
  • Easier reporting (just 1 monthly tax report , instead of 4 reports).
  • A great opportunity for investors.
  • 0% salary tax for employees, 0% medical tax, 0% social tax – all included in 7% tax rate.

Cyber Whale is a digital agency rendering Digital and Creative services as well as Machine Learning and Business Intelligence services, operating worldwide from Republic of Moldova.

Who we are

We are Cyber Whale, we are here in this world to deliver you hi-fi digital services at affordable prices.

We operate worldwide making our customers happy.

Some of our services are:

  • Mobile applications developments
  • Web apps, rich content web apps
  • Cloud deployment
  • Datamining, business intelligence services
  • Quality Assurance and help desk

Visit for more info.